What is Mandala?

The mandala in Sanskrit means “sacred circle.”  Tibetan Buddhist Monks, Buddhists, Aborigines and Native American Indians all use mandalas as a way of evoking spiritual energy, meditation, and healing. According to psychologist Carl Jung, creating a mandala allowed a deep healing to take place from within the human psyche.

The mandala or “circle design”, appears everywhere: from the atom to sea shells, from the snowflake to flowers.  Within the human body, within the Universe, and the planets of our solar system, you will find the mandala:

Mandala Workshops

Experience the mystery of the mandala!

Mandala Invitation

The act of creating a mandala reflects a process for centering, self-discovery, transformation, and growth.  No art experience is necessary; the emphasis is on the process and what comes forth.  A mandala workshop provides the participant an opportunity to move from daily life to experiencing a peaceful inner journey; gaining wisdom, personal insight, and healing.  This safe, supportive process is a tool to explore one’s deeper Self.  The newly created mandala is a visual representation of the journey within — the journey to inner Truth, inner Light and inner Wisdom.  I invite you to experience the mandala in a workshop.

We come together, as a group, as a mandala circle, and we participate in the creative process of self-discovery.  The mandala facilitator guides the individual, the group on their personal journey to wholeness.  Meditation, visualization, guided imagery, journaling, group sharing & support, the use of music and creating the mandala are all part of this personal journey.

Gifts of the Mandala & Process May Include

  • Finding clarity and trusting your inner knowing
  • Quieting the busy mind and opening the heart
  • Having an insightful, inner journey
  • Being joyful, calm, peaceful in the present moment
  • Becoming aware and more comfortable in silence
  • Aiding spiritual, emotional, personal healing
  • Having a deeper connection to Nature
  • Becoming aware of spirit
  • Becoming aware of “Self”
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What is a Certified Mandala Facilitator?

Mandala facilitators are qualified to facilitate the healing mandala process developed by Dr. Judith Cornell, Ph.D. Mandala Facilitators, committed to compassionate service, are certified to lead groups and give individual consultations.  Although facilitators come from various spiritual paths, they are inclusive and honor all faith traditions. Facilitators hold the sacred space for you to transform your life.

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