What is Zentangle

Zentangle® is an easy way of creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns called tangles. It is a proven method to promote mindfulness and fosters self-esteem, focus, relaxation, creativity, and stress relief. People of all ages and skill levels can create Zentangle® art and have fun in the process! In a Zentangle class, you will learn the history of Zentangle, experience the basic steps of the method and be exposed to the vocabulary, tools and skilled used. A great practice of letting go, we focus on the present moment, not the outcome; trusting, and being mindful, one stroke at a time. No art experience required.

It offers artistic satisfaction. Those who don’t regularly do art may find it an unusual approach because when you begin, you have no idea what the result will be. Your creation is not restricted by your expectations. It is not intended to be a picture of anything. There is no planning or sketching ahead of time. Ideas and patterns develop as you draw. . It’s a great practice of letting go, trusting, and being mindful one stroke at a time.

“Anything is possible…one stroke at a time.™”

What can one do with Zentangle art?

Put simply…one can create stunning, beautiful original art. Zentangle® inspired art (ZIA) can be applied to greeting cards, journaling, quilting, fabric art, wood, ceramics, and just about anything you can imagine. Even if you think you cannot draw a stick figure, you can learn Zentangle®. The process of creating a Zentangle is a form of artistic meditation. The creative options are endless and anyone can do it!

Zentangle Classes and Workshops

No experience necessary!
No artistic ability needed!

History of Zentangle

The Zentangle Method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. She, an amazing calligrapher/illustrator and he, a practicing monk. They created this meditative art form to empower anyone to learn to generate beautiful art by drawing structured patterns. Rick and Maria believe everyone is an artist.

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Zentangle Classes & Workshops

Laurie Bell, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), trained by the founders of Zentangle®, Maria Thomas & Rick Roberts in 2016, strives to teach this extraordinary art form to people in all age groups; young and old alike. View About Me for more information about this instructor.

Zentangle is for:

  • Private or group instruction
  • Corporate & office setting
  • Family activities & Reunions
  • Teachers, classrooms,
  • Homeschool and after school
  • Nursing Homes
  • Camps, daily summer activity
  • Retreats & Church Functions
  • Recovery Centers & Church Groups
  • Hospital & Libraries
  • Community & Home Care Centers

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