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Mandala Workshop

Experience the mystery of the mandala!  Mandala in Sanskrit means “sacred circle” and is used as a creative process for self-discovery and personal transformation.  Historically the mandala has been used as a meditative focus – a means of turning inward, to stillness and quiet.  Your newly created mandala reflects a practice for centering, self-discovery, healing and growth. No art experience is necessary.  This safe, supportive process is a way to awaken to your inner truth, light and wisdom.

During this hands-on workshop, we will come together as a group, look at the history of the mandala, work with our own intentions and goals, learn new skills and create several of our own mandalas.

Upon completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe how to create ‘shades of light’ while creating a mandala
  • Describe how to create ‘shades of rainbow light’ while creating a mandala
  • Create a luminous mandala
  • Quiet the mind and connect to the inner self during the workshop
  • Use art as a tool to express inner awareness
  • Describe how to set positive intentions
  • Identify symbols that will provide personal insight
  • Describe how to use the mandala to help in stressful situations

The mandala or “circle design”, appears everywhere: from the atom to sea shells, from the snowflake to flowers.  Within the human body, within the Universe, and the planets of our solar system, you will find the mandala

  • Introduction & History of the Mandala
  • Return to the Inner Light
  • Healing Intention Mandala
  • Love’s Power to Heal
  • Opening the Heart
  • Healing the Mind
  • Thank you for this Moment
  • Gifting Those In Need
  • Freedom is Letting Go
  • Death and Dying
  • Healing with Sound & Light, Introduction to Chakras
  • Rainbow Spectrum Mandala
  • Nature as Healer
  • Return to Center

"I loved the ‘alone time’….wonderful tools to go 'within'."


"This workshop was wonderful, surprising and awe inspiring."

Sister Ruth

"I found this workshop as another tool to deepen my spiritual life."


"This workshop was top quality, the depth created was fantastic and the environment was safe and of spirit."

Director of the Woman Spirit Center

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